We at Exclusive Hemp Farms are on a mission to redefine what it means to do business within the industrial Hemp industry. We manufacture CBD products to enhance the health and wellness of anyone who uses them. As a personable company, we know that distributing clean, potent, and effective products brings us closer to our goal of attaching positive connotations to Hemp, and it’s many medicinal properties. As a company, we’re dedicated to helping everyone attain better health, mentally and physically, through the use of CBD. We’re driven by a desire to help you, our customers, live your life to its highest potential. 

Why We Are Different

What sets us apart from everyone, is we never compromise on our quality and consistency. From seed to sell, we manage every step of our company's supply chain, which is located in the heart of Northern California. We value overseeing, and working closely together as a whole. It’s important for us to have a presence, to grow as a company, and within our community. We’re not just another conglomerate, we’re very “for the people, by the people.” From the cultivation of our raw materials, to the sale of our products, we grow hemp for you. We provide out of the box medicinal solutions, and are pro-people, pro-healthcare.   

Where Are We Going?

Our long-term vision is to become a leader in the Hemp industry, by continuing to develop naturally through our high quality products, and customer service. We’ve also created a company that offers opportunity for anybody, from the retail market, to the wholesale industry. This includes our affiliate program, that offers a percentage of commission to anybody who decides to join, as well as our wholesaler program, which allows business owners within our industry to procure high quality, low price products, at a consistent rate and basis.  

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