Become an "Exclusive Influencer"

Exclusive Hemp Farms is looking to partner with YOU, the influencer who is building a brand you one day look to turn into a full-time business.

We are looking to build partnerships in which you not only recieve our products in exchange for social media promotions, but we also look to benefit you by alotting 5% of every retail sale.

Exclusive Influencer
Exclusive Influencer


Exclusive Hemp Farms is willing to send you our products in exchange for social media promotions. Depending on your brand, audience and comfortability we ask that you select at least one of the following types of content promotion strategies described below. 

Video Review: An honest video review in which you showcase the product in its original packaging, open the packaging, and test the product before giving it your honest opinion. This piece of content will be shared on your YouTube channel, Instagram Feed, Blog site, website and any other social media channels you own.

Instagram Review: Two Instagram feed posts, both of which must be posted within the same week. These posts must include yourself with as well as our product. You must also write a caption that gives an honest review of the product, followed by a call to action for those in your audience to access our website link. The caption must also include the @ExclusiveHempFarms handle when our company is mentioned. 

Instagram Stories: Our Exclusive Influnecer must create a 5 day promotion on their story, showcasing our product at least once a day for a week. At Least two of these posts must feature the influencer (whether it be video or picture form.) These stories must include a call to action that directs your audience to your website link.


Become an "Exclusive Influencer"

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