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Is Hemp Legal In the United States
Cannabis prohibition has long backdated roots extending as early as 1906. Hemp prohibition specifically began in the 1920’s. It wasn’t long before it was then classified as a drug in the mid-1930’s. 
Much of this negative framing around hemp was created by establishments that felt threatened by hemp within industrial textile production considering it was so economically viable.
As education and understanding spread, new generations of  industry have gained a deeper understanding of hemp as a diverse and malleable compound that can be used to produce biofuels, paper products, plastics, and so much more. With this redefined lens of hemp as a highly profitable industrial material, the push for legalization to cultivate as an industrial product began.
Not only was there an increase in the understanding of hemp as an industrial crop, but there was also an expansion of the understanding of hemp as a reducer in our ecological footprint. In 1998 Environmental Economics published a study that found hemp to be environmentally friendly based on the fast that it decreases land use and other atmospheric detrimental factors.
In April of 2009 House Republican Ron Paul of Texas introduced the Industrial Hemp Farming Act. This act is extremely important as it aims to make a clear distinction between marijuana and industrial hemp, a concept most continually misunderstood. The introduction of this act is extremely important as it laid the basis of understanding for a more traditionally conservative audience to then hold the understanding of hemp as an industrial crop...
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Is CBD Marijuana?
There is often a misunderstanding when it comes to the fact that CBD is not the same as THC. As more education continues to spread, the concept of separate cannabinoids becomes more clear in the general mind of society. A majority of people now understand that CBD is different from THC, but it’s still a common misconception that THC and CBD products always come from the same source.
While THC-rich cannabis often contains a small percentage of CBD, most CBD on the market comes from industrial hemp which is regulated and required to be less than 0.3% THC.
While marijuana is generally associated with being intoxicating, hemp is classified to be non-intoxicating, producing more of a sedative effect than anything...
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There is sometimes a misunderstanding from a curious inclined audience as to how one obtains CBD. Instead of doing their research, individuals sometimes will assume that a prescription from a medical doctor is required in order to obtain this cannabinoid. This stops some individuals from seeking CBD as a medicine, even if they could potentially benefit from it.
One of the main contributing reasons for this CBD misconception is the recently FDA approved drug called Epidiolex. This drug is extremely significant because it marks the beginning as the world’s first CBD-based prescription drug. In order for an individual to receive Epidiolex a doctor’s prescription is required for purchase.
 In contrast this prescription law does not apply to hemp based CBD products that are not branded as the prescription medication Epidiolex. Medical doctors cannot prescribe CBD products aside from Epidiolex since these products are not considered to be classified or recognized by the FDA as prescription drugs... 
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