CBD and Japan - What you need to know

CBD and Japan - What you need to know

Many countries around the world still have very strict laws and regulations on cannabis. One that has some of the strictest, is Japan. So if you’re looking to travel, or are currently living there, and are curious about CBD laws, we’ve compiled a list of basic questions that answer some of the current CBD regulations you might need to know. For starters...    

Is CBD legal in Japan?

To answer this as short and sweet as possible, yes. CBD is legal in Japan, BUT under strict rules and regulations. CBD products are legal in Japan as long as they’re only made from cannabis stems and seeds, and contain zero trace of THC. 

Usually, like in the United States or Europe, any plant that contains 0.3% THC, or 0.2% THC in the case of Europe, is considered to be a hemp product. Whereas in Japan, due to the Cannabis Control Act, regardless of the THC content, CBD must only be made with certain plant parts. The Act prohibits the use of cannabis leaves and flowers in the production of CBD products, to reduce any and all of the psychoactive effects.
THC and cannabis products are illegal in Japan. So all CBD products used must be 100% THC free. There are penalties for cannabis possession, cultivation, sale, or transport. Any of these can result in automatic imprisonment. 

Can I travel with CBD products into Japan? 

Since CBD is legal in Japan, yes, you can travel with it into the country. BUT, since most CBD brands outside of Japan contain trace amounts of THC (like in the U.S. or Europe), these are not allowed. The CBD products you take with you into Japan must contain no traces of THC, and be 100% pure. If you’re in need of CBD products, it’s best suggested to buy them once you’ve entered the country, just to be safe.  

Is it legal to buy CBD (online or in store) in Japan? 

Since CBD is an unrestricted substance in the country, yes, it’s legal to buy it in Japan. It’s actually rather common, and can be bought both in a store, or online. If you live in Japan, you can have CBD shipped right to your home from local product providers, or, you can use a mail forwarding service to buy from international brands that don’t ship directly to Japan. The government allows credible foreign brands to introduce their CBD products into the country’s market, following their rules and regulations. 

Can I use higher THC content CBD products in Japan with a prescription?

Since there is currently no medical cannabis programme in Japan, no. You cannot use CBD products with any volume of THC, no matter how minimal, even with a prescription.  


Even though it might seem like it’s creeping in slowly, Japan is on its way to advancing its views on cannabis. For now, CBD is currently in the standing as a health supplement, and is luckily permitted throughout the country.

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