CBD in Germany

CBD and Germany - What you need to know

Seeing as to how policies for cannabis shift as you cross between country borders, in Europe, the legality of CBD has been a complex topic. So if you’re traveling to Germany, or if you even live there and are curious about government, CBD and cannabis laws, we’re here to help. To try and get a gist of things, we’ll be answering some not-so-basic questions, as basic as possible. That being said...

Is CBD legal in Germany?

Yes, CBD products are legal in Germany. In March of 2017, Germany was one of the first countries in Europe to legalize cannabis. The government amended the Narcotics Law, which set a clear distinction between cannabis for medical, or recreational use. The amended law on narcotics includes the exemption of Hemp, and its derivatives, including cannabidiol. This means that the sale and consumption of CBD oil, flower, and cannabis extract, is now legal (with limitations). 

Recreationally, marijuana is still illegal, but Germany allows CBD as long as it contains less than 0.2% THC. If you need a higher concentration of CBD for medical use, it’s available via a doctors prescription.

Can I travel with CBD products into Germany? 

Despite being legalized, there are still very strict rules and regulations regarding the transport of CBD and cannabis products within Germany. Any product found (containing more than 0.2% THC) is considered illegal under European Union laws. Yes, you can bring CBD into Germany, but it’s not recommended to fly or travel into the country with CBD products (this also applies when leaving as well). Any possession of CBD or cannabis (with the exemption of the legal limit), is punishable by law with a fine, or jail time.

Is it legal to buy CBD (online or in store) in Germany? 

Since Germany has a growing CBD market, yes, you can legally purchase CBD products online, or in a local store. However, there is an exception for CBD edibles (as well as unprocessed CBD flower). Due to the Novel Food Regulation, introduced in July of 2019, this regulation requires businesses to apply for a novel food authorization in the European Commission before they’re allowed to sell CBD foods. CBD edibles are not allowed in Germany, unless those forms are processed, which could take several months, or even years.

If you do decide to purchase CBD while in Germany, it’s best to order products from companies operating within Europe, and not from the United States (seeing as to how the legal limit in the U.S. is 0.3%, which is over the legal limit in Germany). Full, and broad spectrum products, are available in Germany, but before purchasing them, be sure to check the maximum THC levels to make sure you’re not buying something that would be considered illegal.

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