CBD legality in Russia

Russia and CBD - What you need to know

Currently, the cannabis laws in Europe differ from country to country. So you might be wondering in your travels, where it’s even legal to bring CBD or cannabis products. Some places, such as Russia, are currently one of the exceptions that have been strict on outright banning cannabis and cannabis substances such as CBD. However, there is currently circulation that the laws and regulations in Russia might soon be changing for the cannabis industry. Even though this is yet to be proven and confirmed by the Russian government, here is what you need to know about cannabis in Russia.      

Is CBD legal in Russia?

As of now, all cannabis products, regardless of how much THC is in them (like CBD), are illegal in Russia. So the answer is no, CBD is not legal for recreational, or medicinal use, in Russia. Because of this, you cannot buy, sell, or distribute CBD products in the country. You can’t even have products shipped to you by mail. The cannabis rules (and legal rules in general) here are very strict. 

Can I grow CBD in Russia? 

Seeing as to how all cannabis substances are not allowed in the country, cannabis seeds are also illegal in Russia. You cannot grow cannabis or CBD. If you’re caught growing or selling CBD or cannabis products, it will result in a prison sentence, and possible deportation. 

Can I travel with CBD products to Russia? 

Since all CBD and cannabis products are illegal in the country, it’s highly suggested that you do not bring any sort of CBD products into Russia. If caught trying to sneak it in, your trip could go badly, very quickly. 

Can I use CBD products in Russia with a prescription? 

No, you cannot. Russia currently has no medicinal cannabis laws set in place. The government, as well as president Vladimir Putin, have expressed any interest or intention to introduce a cannabis prescription law in the future.  

In the future, will CBD be legal in Russia? 

Any time in the near future, it’s unlikely that cannabis and CBD will be legalized in Russia. However, recently the government showed signs of jumping on the legalization band wagon, by permitting the cultivation of cannabis for pharmaceutical purposes. The bill, which was proposed in 2019, still needs to be approved by the Federation Council, and signed by President Vladimir Putin in order for it to become an official law. It’s a small stepping stone, but would at least pave the way for the growing of cannabis in Russia.

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